First Aid Products

triple antibiotic ointment                                          hydro cream

613    Triple Antibiotic Ointment                                                          615    Hydrocortisone Cream

        .9 g. Pouch (25 ct. Box)                                                                                 .9 g. Pouch (144 ct. Box)

  (Case Qty. 36 / Case Wt. 4lbs.)                                                                    (Case Qty. 12 / Case Wt. 8lbs.)


liquid skin                                          

  745 Liquid Bandage                                                                                623  QR Blood Clotting Agent

                                                                                                                      Four (4) single use applications



617    Bio-Freeze Muscle Pain Relief*                                           622 Ice Packs, Boxed

* Available in Spray, Roll On or Gel                                                 Small 1/Box


ocufresh                                                                               MiniDrops

801    Eye Wash                                                                805    Refresh Plus Eye Drops/ Mini-Drops

                                                                                                         30 dropper pack



520    Padded Aluminum Splint

36″ x 4.5″


Many of these products are available in a variety of sizes and quantities.

Products pictured are our most popular items.

Please call for questions or details on our comprehensive list of available first aid products.